Thursday, 10 June 2021


Hardwood flooring comes in a vast array of colors and stains. Either pre-finished or completed onsite after installation, hardwood floors finishes provide protection, enhance look and improve durability. Consumers may be amazed at the options available for completing hardwood, such as popular, eco-friendly approaches with an oil base. Deciding between natural oil finish vs UV oil finish on hardwood floors requires an understanding of the processes and advantages of each choice.

Fundamentals of Organic Oil Finish for Wood Flooring

Natural oil finishes are produced from vegetable oils, and most don't contain waxes or aromatic solvents. Among the major benefits of employing an oil finish is penetration. Instead of coating the top of the plank, then oil soaks into the wood. Natural oil finish cures and hardens, forming a thin layer of security from the interior. This type of end creates a matte look, making scratches and dents not as noticeable. It's easy to spot fix this kind of end, as the new oil will just blend in with all the older within a short time period. Unlike urethane coated hardwood, flooring finished with natural oils continue to look their best for years. Utilizing specially formulated soap to wash your oil-finished hardwood actually helps to maintain the finish. With proper care and maintenance, this fashion of flooring lasts for a life ahardnd beyond. Natural oils must be implemented at the jobsite, and permit your wood boards to breathe naturally. This causes a more uniform appearance that's pleasing to the eye and also much more comfortable to walk on.

Is UV Oil Finish Better whatsoever?

Natural oil finish hardwood delivers a host of benefits and remarkable longevity. What can UV acrylic finished wood floors bring to the table instead? Both ends offer you a similar look, although UV oil may be carried out in a satin finish that suits many industrial applications. This very low luster appearance can help to hide scratches and dents over any other sort of finish, which makes it ideal for high traffic locations. A low gloss level of about 10 percent isn't easy to reach with different kinds of finish, and the thin finish is flexible, making it more difficult to scratch or flake off. UV oil finish contains more solids than natural oil finishes, and does not contain solvents. Natural petroleum is eco friendly, but utilizing UV oil makes sure that VOC gases will not be introduced in your home. A relatively stable amount of humidity must be kept with UV oil finishes. This may require the use of a dehumidifier or humidifier. Stay away from wet mopping both types of oil finish and use only soft brooms and accepted products to clean the ground. Remember that rubber or plastic backing in your own area rugs will stain the end. Taste plays a major role in the debate between natural oil finish versus UV oil finish on your hardwood flooring. Do you prefer the satin sheen of UV oil, and will you live with the tighter restrictions of the item? Or does the look and simplicity of pure oil finish make the best sense?

Friday, 12 March 2021

How To Remove Candle Wax From Wood Floors?

 If you're searching for a way to remove candle wax from wood floors, you are more than likely in a situation where candle wax has accidentally dropped on your wooden floor and you've already done what you can to remove it but aren't too delighted with the result. Whichever method of removing candle wax out of your hardwood flooring you used at the start, both of these methods should do the job for you.

The first method includes the re-heating of this wax so as to get rid of it. The best and gentlest method of doing this would be to use a hairdryer or hot iron to gradually bring the candle wax back to its liquid form. If you're using a hairdryer, it's a very simple case of employing enough heat till it is possible to see the candle wax becoming liquid again. If you're using an iron, then you're going to want a brown paper bag and a dry iron, set on low. Simply iron softly over the brown paper bag (that you placed above the candle wax stain) and permit the bag to draw the wax up. If the candle wax stain is extensive, you may need more than 1 piece of paper to soak up it. If you use the hairdryer way of heating the candle wax, once you have back the wax to a liquid consistency, it is a case of blotting it up till it's been completely removed (some of people suggest ladies tights or stockings or some gentle nylon scourer as the most effective tools to do this task ).

The second way of removing candle wax from wood floors is to chill it and then remove it. Everything you need to be careful with when adopting this way of removing candle wax out of your hardwood flooring is that you don't scratch the floor. Once the ice is connected with the candle wax, it is going to cause it to harden and become fragile. After the candle wax is hard and brittle, you need to be able to chip it away from your floor. Don't forget to work gently in order to avoid causing damage.

Should you find that the surface of your floor has become slightly damaged following the removal of the candle wax, you may find that you have to re-sand, re-stain and finish this little portion of your hardwood flooring.

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

High-Traffic Area Flooring Options


When you take stock of the things which go into making a house a house, flooring is one of the ones that make the most significant impact aesthetically and financially. As a result of this you would like your flooring to seem as great as possible as long as possible which can prove challenging in high ranking places.

When choosing flooring to you home, durability isn't likely one of the standards which you give much consideration to. Most of us have a specific look they need that matches their personality and décor. But, it does not need to be all about appearances and at high traffic areas you actually need to add strength into the equation. Lastly, if you don't have an unlimited budget, then there is the financial piece to take into account.

Here is a sampling of floor products which could accomplish all your goals, aesthetics, durability, practicality and budget.

Hardwood Floors

Once it has a tendency to scratch simpler than some floors types, it provides unprecedented performance and lifestyle. Furthermore, it's extremely versatile, goes almost any decorating scheme. Hardwood flooring is your"go to" selection of several for high-traffic areas since it's readily incorporated to the joys of a house with multiple floors types.

Laminate floors

If you're on a budget and need something super durable for your high heeled locations, there's no better option than laminate floors. In comparison to wood flooring it's quite economical too. Another benefit of laminate floors is there's a massive choice of appearance choices. When choosing laminate floors to get a high-income place, make certain it's coated using a high-wear coating of melamine resin.

Natural Rock

In case you have a larger budget for you high-traffic flooring project, natural rock is an alternative. Typically people steer clear of this kind of flooring because it's quite expensive and the installations prices can be high. But, so far as durability is concerned, there is nothing that can match stone floors and if you're seeking a very distinctive appearance, natural stone is the thing to do.

One of the big benefits to natural stone is each piece is unique. If you want your high heeled areas to"wow" traffic, using this type of flooring offers unprecedented sophistication and elegance. More to the point, stone flooring is known for lasting forever. When using rock floors, you will have to replace the rest of your house long before you ever have to replace your floors. And, if you are really attempting to add value to your home, look no further than normal rock.

Tile flooring

Tile flooring seems to be losing favor as a choice among homeowners. For some reason it has gotten the stigma of becoming outdated. The reality is, nothing could be farther from the reality. Tile flooring has been used for more than 5,000 years and has survived the test of time. And of course, there are literally millions of choices when it comes to tile and tile mixes. If you are seeking to add strength to your high-traffic locations, you should take a close look at tile flooring.

Within the tile-flooring family, ceramic tiles are a excellent choice and are flexible enough to be implemented in any room in the house. Should you durability is your number one concern, ceramic tiles are generally more permanent than wood flooring. From the tile category, porcelain should also be regarded as an alternative as it can endure the heaviest of traffic and use.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020


When you have hardwood flooring in your home, you will want to take care of the items with the best sorts of cleansers. Hardwood floors require specialized attention to keep the items looking beautiful, particularly in a commercial setting in high traffic locations. Citrus cleansers are extremely popular for hardwood flooring because these products offer a variety of advantages. Here is why you should use a citrus cleaner on hardwood flooring.


While some cleansers are created from artificial substances, citrus cleansers are natural substances. If your normal citrus cleanser leaves a residue on the face of a hardwood flooring, you don't need to worry about a child or family pet walking around the ground -- that is not exactly the same with compounds, which is dangerous for children and pets. Citrus floor cleaners are made from the juice or pulp out of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits; they're part of a healthful, effective home upkeep routine.


The toxins out of citrus fruits will cut through the dirt on hardwood flooring , building a citrus flooring cleanser the ideal selection for those flooring in a kitchen. Though you're cooking meals at a kitchen, dirt floats through the air and lands onto the tiles or planks of hardwood flooring, however a citrus cleaner will lift this debris out of the surfaces.


While chemical-based cleansers might have a powerful odor that you will not enjoy, citrus-based floor cleaners possess a delicate fragrance that smells just like the juice of grapefruits, lemons or oranges. The yummy scent of citrus snacks can float through your home, making a healthful.


Citrus fruit juices and juices contain natural compounds which will eliminate pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Lemon-based cleansers are regarded as the best for ruining the germs that can make you sick, but limes, oranges, and grapefruits also have sanitizing properties.


If you want to protect the beautiful finish on a hardwood flooring , then citrus cleansers are a perfect option. The oil from citrus fruits will coat the hardwood floor's surfaces to protect it from the damages of debris. This coating retains many different substances from seeping into the hardwood, preventing discoloration.


You can purchase a concentrated citrus-based cleanser for your flooring, and it is easy to combine with water in a bucket before you mop a floor. With this kind of cleanser, you only have to use a tiny sum to sanitize a hardwood flooring in a few minutes.


If you would like to have a glistening hardwood floor, citrus-based cleansers are a great choice. The oil in the citrus cleanser produces a stunning sheen on the floors, helping make the hardwood plank's surface appear fantastic. Search for citrus cleansers in the online and local stores to keep your hardwood floors in the best condition.

Thursday, 21 May 2020


Winter Hardwood Floor Maintenance

It is time to buckle down to the cold winter season. Whether you require extensive floor refinishing, or you only wish to clean or paint up your hardwood flooring in the grit and gunk summer time, here are a number of tips.

First of all, know the challenges posed by your neighborhood environment. But changing humidity conditions can play havoc on various varieties of hardwood flooring. Specifically, humidity can cause wood to expand and shrink, flexing and damaging it. Utilize a combination of dehumidification and humidification to keep the ambient moisture level at a safe level.

Here in the Floor Sanding Northeast London, we might not get much slush and ice and snow. But life can surely become messy from sunlight with all of the rain we get. To this end, protect your hardwood flooring by laying out floor mats, teaching your pets and children proper wiping technique, and asking visitors to remove their shoes at the doorway. Try having a few pairs of slipper socks set aside so guests feel more comfortable.

Pre-Scheduled Hardwood Floor Refinishing or Repair

Produce a systematic procedure to maintain your floors cleaned and treated. Write down a program that outlines how and when you will clean your rugs and floors. That may sound like overkill. But creating such a program can save you a lot of work. For example, let us say you intend to sweep your floors once a week and get them professionally treated after a quarter. That's a doable plan. You can then alter that schedule based on your energy level, preferences, budget, aesthetic needs, etc.. However, at least you'll have a method, which means you won't have to rethink your cleaning needs from scratch every time.

Are your hardwood flooring under guarantee? If this is so, based on who set up the floors and what products you have used, you might be entitled to acquire a rebate for damage or wear and tear.

Connect with a skilled hardwood flooring maintenance company you can trust. Team can deliver amazing work that can extend the life span of your flooring and keep them beautiful. Learn more about our skills and background here at, or call us to schedule a complimentary and thorough estimate: 020 3151 8085 .

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Home Design and Psychology

There's an undeniable link between our house and how we feel when we are in that area. Homes and their interiors can make us feel comfortable, comfy, secure, content and happy - and this doesn't necessarily mean using a brand new, expensive residence . The ideal method to emulate these components in your house is to define what is valuable to you.

The calm home

Try out a serene colour palette, authentic materials, textural elements and areas to find silent (this is as straightforward as an armchair or a tub!) . Accessorise with the perceptions -- candles, blankets, diffusers, plants and avoid jarring colours and patterns.

The social home

For many, a home filled with family and friends is the trick to happiness. Layout spaces for entertaining, including having furniture that's flexible to getting folks over frequently. Hardwearing and resilient flooring helps here also!

The happy home

Surround yourself by items you really love. Take inspiration from places where you have been contented, such as a lovely family holiday in a hotel, a store, the library or perhaps your favorite café- what would you like about those spaces? Draw inspiration from them. It's also worth considering decluttering -- knowing where everything is when you require it makes active lives much smoother!

The loving home

Create places in your house away from distractions where you are able to talk with your friends, family or nearest and dearest. These spaces need to feel safe and protected. Soft finishes such as rugs and rugs help out of a floor perspective.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Grey Washed Hardwood Floors To Suit Every Interior

Grey is the new black (and white!)

Black and white wood floors have really made their mark on interiors of late. A really bold statement, it's not everybody that has the guts to go 'all out' monochrome however. If you are somebody who's wary of becoming so bold as to go out black or white in your home, a fantastic middle ground that needn't signify any sort of compromise on front is gray wood flooring. And if you're not fond of gray, today's the day to believe again. Grey floors in all its forms may add a really stunning twist to each inside and gray engineered hardwood floors in particular could add a true something distinct for the renovation or construction project.

What's gray washed hardwood flooring?

White engineered hardwood floors is an idea which most individuals are knowledgeable about. Recognised as a means of earning ancient flooring appear more sterile, the feature appearance of white washing is it seems somewhat outdated and distressed, although it could well be a brand-new flooring.

If it comes to gray engineered hardwood flooring, the appearance is not all that different to conventional white washed floors, it is only a case of it using a slightly different color. Having an almost pearly appearance, gray washed floors vary from incredibly light and airy into some deeper, more authentic gray colour.

Selecting your gray washed flooring

Grey engineered hardwood flooring for sofas, dining rooms and bedrooms

If you are arranging a new floor for your couch, dining room or bedroom and need something modern and fresh, but don't want to dive into a jet black or some brilliant white choice, then we've got the perfect answer. All these Engineered Oak Spring Grey floors possess a superb grey washed effect and could be the perfect sort of floors to either run throughout the home or to feature in lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Having a look that states heat, class and modern all wrapped into one, this gray washed floor is guaranteed not to date and to not look out of place in just a few decades. What is more it is presently on offer with 55% off, so we all could say at this point is "what exactly are you waiting for?" !

Grey engineered hardwood floors for kitchens and baths

Kitchens and bedrooms can be a true challenge for wood floors, but if you make your choice wisely, there's no reason at all why you can not like a terrific grey engineered hardwood flooring in either of
those rooms in your home. The real key to getting your wood flooring choice right in your bathroom or on your kitchen is to always choose engineered wood flooring. The reason for this is the arrangement of engineered wood flooring planks is such they simply don't expand and contract like wood when temperatures and moisture levels go up and down.

Click system floors is not only simple to install, in addition, it offers a really watertight surface because the bonds between each plank are reassuringly tight. If we were put under pressure to select one of our seven grey washed click system floors alternatives , we would really struggle because they're so incredibly good looking and such great value.

Grey engineered hardwood floors for active hallways

Hallways in most of our homes have a really hard time. In families where there's a family and possibly a puppy, it is the hallway that gets the tough end of this footfall stick each moment. While you can reduce the wear and tear on your own hall floor by investing in great quality doormats indoors and out, and if you're brave, acquiring a no shoes policy, you still have to get a flooring that will endure to what your life throws at it.

All these Engineered Oak Sahara Grey floors are a great alternative if you have heavy or high footfall on your hallway. Why? Since it's been lacquered, which means that it will resist a good amount of rough handling and the UV filter means it will not fade with the sun, but more than that...because it has been brushed, it's an open look to the grain which means that it'll camouflage scuffs and stains more efficiently than a flooring option that has a highly regular surface.

If you fancy integrating gray engineered hardwood floors on your interior and want help to create the ideal option, why don't you get in contact? At Floor Sanding Northeast London , we are always pleased to talk about our expertise, experience and advice that will assist you to get the most out of your floors jobs.