Thursday, 16 January 2020

Grey Washed Hardwood Floors To Suit Every Interior

Grey is the new black (and white!)

Black and white wood floors have really made their mark on interiors of late. A really bold statement, it's not everybody that has the guts to go 'all out' monochrome however. If you are somebody who's wary of becoming so bold as to go out black or white in your home, a fantastic middle ground that needn't signify any sort of compromise on front is gray wood flooring. And if you're not fond of gray, today's the day to believe again. Grey floors in all its forms may add a really stunning twist to each inside and gray engineered hardwood floors in particular could add a true something distinct for the renovation or construction project.

What's gray washed hardwood flooring?

White engineered hardwood floors is an idea which most individuals are knowledgeable about. Recognised as a means of earning ancient flooring appear more sterile, the feature appearance of white washing is it seems somewhat outdated and distressed, although it could well be a brand-new flooring.

If it comes to gray engineered hardwood flooring, the appearance is not all that different to conventional white washed floors, it is only a case of it using a slightly different color. Having an almost pearly appearance, gray washed floors vary from incredibly light and airy into some deeper, more authentic gray colour.

Selecting your gray washed flooring

Grey engineered hardwood flooring for sofas, dining rooms and bedrooms

If you are arranging a new floor for your couch, dining room or bedroom and need something modern and fresh, but don't want to dive into a jet black or some brilliant white choice, then we've got the perfect answer. All these Engineered Oak Spring Grey floors possess a superb grey washed effect and could be the perfect sort of floors to either run throughout the home or to feature in lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Having a look that states heat, class and modern all wrapped into one, this gray washed floor is guaranteed not to date and to not look out of place in just a few decades. What is more it is presently on offer with 55% off, so we all could say at this point is "what exactly are you waiting for?" !

Grey engineered hardwood floors for kitchens and baths

Kitchens and bedrooms can be a true challenge for wood floors, but if you make your choice wisely, there's no reason at all why you can not like a terrific grey engineered hardwood flooring in either of
those rooms in your home. The real key to getting your wood flooring choice right in your bathroom or on your kitchen is to always choose engineered wood flooring. The reason for this is the arrangement of engineered wood flooring planks is such they simply don't expand and contract like wood when temperatures and moisture levels go up and down.

Click system floors is not only simple to install, in addition, it offers a really watertight surface because the bonds between each plank are reassuringly tight. If we were put under pressure to select one of our seven grey washed click system floors alternatives , we would really struggle because they're so incredibly good looking and such great value.

Grey engineered hardwood floors for active hallways

Hallways in most of our homes have a really hard time. In families where there's a family and possibly a puppy, it is the hallway that gets the tough end of this footfall stick each moment. While you can reduce the wear and tear on your own hall floor by investing in great quality doormats indoors and out, and if you're brave, acquiring a no shoes policy, you still have to get a flooring that will endure to what your life throws at it.

All these Engineered Oak Sahara Grey floors are a great alternative if you have heavy or high footfall on your hallway. Why? Since it's been lacquered, which means that it will resist a good amount of rough handling and the UV filter means it will not fade with the sun, but more than that...because it has been brushed, it's an open look to the grain which means that it'll camouflage scuffs and stains more efficiently than a flooring option that has a highly regular surface.

If you fancy integrating gray engineered hardwood floors on your interior and want help to create the ideal option, why don't you get in contact? At Floor Sanding Northeast London , we are always pleased to talk about our expertise, experience and advice that will assist you to get the most out of your floors jobs.

Thursday, 7 February 2019


Homeowners throughout the world appreciate the beauty and character of wood flooring. But those living in northern climates need to deal with winter weather when wet, snow footwear, and ice take a toll on timber floors of all types. Discover how you should take care of hardwood and engineered timber flooring to ensure the winter moves problem-free.

Utilize Mats at Entranceways

Exterior doors and moisture move together. Invest in prime excellent floor mats and set them over your timber flooring in entranceways. Look for mats with solid, non-slip backings which won't discolor the wood, and elect for those made with absorbent fibers to capture as much moisture as possible.

Remember to clean your mats on a regular basis--more often in the wintertime. Shake the dust out of the mat prior to washing and drying thoroughly. Avoid leaving a high heeled mat onto the hardwood flooring, because this might stain or warp the planks.

Wipe Spills and Puddles Right Off

Mats will not always capture all the moisture, and clogs happen at any given time of year. Create a habit of cleaning up spills immediately so as to maintain the wood. Store a quality mop or cloth close to the doors to permit for fast wipes, and invite visitors and family to remove their wet boots and shoes before stepping onto the ground.

Avoid Using Salt on the Porch

Salt strikes many substances, such as wood flooring. Although you would like to keep the ice from changing your own porch to some slippery hazard, utilizing salt can produce more harm than expected.

Footwear captures tiny salt particles and deposits them onto entranceway mats, boot trays and
floorboards. Even with regular cleaning, these very small amounts of salt will break down the finish on your flooring. Look into more organic procedures of ice melting, like sand or fertilizer, but bear in mind that these products can also hurt your hardwood floors. Consider heated outside mats or in-ground ice-melting systems that create a secure porch surface without damaging residue.

Employ Furniture Pads

This step can help keep your hardwood floors clean in any time of year. Especially important on thick furniture and mobile bits, furniture pads protect the end and also help to prevent scratching, gouging and other unsightly marks.

Search for cheap furniture pads which may be trimmed to size and customized to match your furniture pieces. Ensure that the glue functions well and replace the pads on a regular basis, dependent on wear.

Invest at the Proper Cleaning Equipment

This timber flooring maintenance guidance also applies to almost any year, but suitable cleaning equipment plays a very important part in winter. Expect to be wiping, mopping and sweeping your hardwood flooring or engineered timber flooring more frequently during the winter months, particularly close doors and at other high traffic locations.

Buy a high quality mop, rather microfiber or a different substance that traps dirt particles, rather than just forcing them around your own floor. A soft-bristled vacuum also functions really well to wash debris out of timber flooring. Dry mops make that appealing glow but should be applied as instructed by your hardwood flooring retailer or producer.

Every one of these suggestions will prolong the life span of your hardwood flooring and help keep hardwood floors clean in winter. Do your part and allow the beauty and allure of wood flooring shine for many years to come.

Monday, 12 November 2018


If you are considering changing your flooring, you would be best off picking solid wood flooring. Solid hardwood floors provides your home a classy and elegant look. This type of flooring adds that sophistication and a stylish feel to a room. With solid hardwood flooring you get the same feel of living in a traditional, cosy log cottage. Strong hardwood flooring beautifies every single part of your residence and it contributes to a feeling of warmth and comfort to your house.

The Advantages of installing solid wood floors

There are many companies that create and market solid wood flooring in the UK. Solid wood floors have some attributes that you can't find in any other flooring. It brings in a feeling of simplicity into the home. Bedrooms and living rooms look wonderful with good wood floors. You can receive all these benefits from solid wood flooring and that also at a very affordable price.

Solid wooden floors that come in different styles and colors

You can acquire good wood floors in various colors, designs and styles that best suit your house. Solid wood floors are the best form of flooring as they're extremely simple to maintain. They are the best flooring investment you may create since they're designed to endure for long amounts of time.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


It is important to re-sand and refinish your hardwood flooring from time to time if you want to keep them looking as good as new. This job might appear easy enough, but a good deal can go wrong without doing the ideal prep job. Lack of preparation can leave your hardwood flooring with permanently damaged worse or grain - jagged floors. It's also possible to end up with flammable sanding dust lurking in the corners of your home. Because of these potential issues, it is vital to be methodical with every step of preparing your hardwood floor to be re-sanded.


To begin with, for the preparation step, clean the area of any obstructions. Including decor, furniture, curtains and some other objects that are lying around the floor or near it. It is advisable to also temporarily eliminate any doors from their hinges should they obstruct a portion of the floor. Go over the ground foot, checking for any raised nails, staples, and screws and ensure that all of them are made flush with the floor. Drive in the nails and remove any unnecessary principles and screws, if at
all possible. Keeping them elevated at the slightest runs the chance of ripping your sanding paper or damaging your sander. If there are loose planks, nail them down and make sure the nails are flush with the surface.

Closing them isn't enough. You would be amazed how much dust can escape the nooks and cranny's. Cover these gaps in heavy tape or drape larger openings with vinyl. Don't forget to also cover any electrical outlets which will be unused while you're sand. Take measures to also protect yourself by utilizing a protective dust mask, goggles, and ear plugs. In terms of windows causing the exterior, leave them open to guarantee that the dust gets out and the air circulates.


When you're done with all these jobs, it is time to plot your sanding course. Make sure to go with the grain and prevent paths which will cause you to trip on the wires of your sander or vacuum cleaner. Your gear should be readily accessible so you don't risk spreading dust all over your house when entering and exiting the room.

Applying this kind of thoroughness with your prep function makes sure your re-sanding will proceed smoothly and safely. You will not have anything to be concerned about as long as all obstructions are from the way and you adequately protect the region. Your re-sanding will likely be successful along with your hardwood floors will look good as new if you follow the suggestions above.